This is worth saving

"Don't throw that out! It might be worth something some day!

I live with someone who utters those words any time I start complaining about the clutter that seems to multiply each year. The "worth somethings" that have escaped the donate or trash piles have not brought me financial freedom as of this writing, and don't appear to have the potential to EVER allow me to retire to some tropical environment without a care in the world.

So, what IS worth saving? Is it your mother's china or her mink coat? How about your grandfather's pocket watch? That vintage cookie jar fetching top dollar on Ebay?

 For most of us, these items aren't filling our closets and storage spaces because of their monetary value - it's the emotional attachment we have that makes them valuable to us.

Movies sometimes have that power - to trigger an emotional reaction that reminds us of a thing...a time...a person.... something that means something to us.

To this day, I get a little anxious if I see a flock of birds gathering anywhere. Twelve birds on a power line  in the grocery store parking lot? I'm pretty sure they'll be swooping down to peck my eyes out as I step out of the car.  Thank you, Alfred Hitchcock, for The Birds, a movie that will forever alter the way I view the roosting habits of birds. 

I'll never have ornate wallpaper in my bedroom, thanks to The Haunting. Come see it when we show it in October. You'll agree with me. 

That's what we're about here at the Queen. We've got the movies. You bring the memories. That's what worth saving.